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Milk, according to AYURVEDA, is nectar for the human system. When child born his or her mother automatically has her breasts full of milk to feed the new born child. Hence milk is the most natural food for human being. One may go anywhere in the world; one would find the status of milk peerless in human diet. Right from the birth a human being takes milk as his natural diet. And milk has very many other forms, which we use in our diet. Ghee is one of such forms. It can be deemed to be a super concentrated form of milk only. Especially in the Aryan used to keep large herds of cows with them. For, they believed if one has the uninterrupted supply of milk and Ghee in one's diet, one would not only live long but remain healthy also. The ancient believed that milk and Ghee are the only elixir available on the earth. 


In Ayurveda, cow's milk & Ghee is believed to be the best for human consumption. It is full of nutritive qualities and ideal diet for these heart patients who suffer due to excessive cholesterol in their blood. Its regular consumption enhances physical and mental strength, keeps the body healthy and increases the potency of the body. It is not only nutritive, but helps in also taking out the impurities from the body. It makes eye rights, muscles and tendons healthy, and bone sturdy yet supple. It taste is also very good.

  • If you will do sacrificial rite (yagna, religious ceremony) with Cows Ghee, it has great power to remove Atomic Radiation from atmosphere.

  • If you will add 1 Tola (11.66 gm) of Cows Ghee into the sacrificial pit of Alter, it can produce 1 ton of fresh Oxygen in the atmosphere. Thats why in the temples Hindus lighten up Lamps with Cows Ghee.

  • Cows ghee is the good cholesterol, so patients with high cholesterol should eat Cows Ghee. Its a really good tonic.

  • Three times a day, few drops of Cows ghee if you will do Nasya (Nose Application) it will balance Tridosha (Vata (the Air), Pitta (the fire) & Kapha (the water).

  • If you are suffering with psoriasis or any other skin disoarders, instead of rubbing any expensive ointments, just rub Cows Ghee. It will work like miracle because it has great effect to detoxify your system.

Goat's milk, light on the human system, cool in effect and easily digestible. It is sweet in taste with a slightly insipid tinge. For the patients suffering from digestive disorder, it is a very effective potion to rejuvenate their body and hence good for those whose body growth period is over. For children below 10 years and for elderly people beyond 45 years of age, for the general maintenance and upkeep of their body. It can be deemed to be a sort of medicated milk.  

Buffalo's milk, it is more viscous, sweet in taste and very effective to enhance the sexual potency of male. It is rather a heavy potion and difficult to digest for those suffering from Insomnia. It is more effective them even cow's milk. To digest this milk one should do a lot of exercises otherwise it would make the person obese. 

Sheep's milk, it is sweet with a slightly salty tinge, heavy and especially effective to cure excess gas. It makes the person sexually more potent and fires passion. The heart patient should avoid consuming this milk. If a person is injured, or having kidney stones or diabetes, this milk is ideal for him. It produces more bile and phlegm in the body. 


One of the most important milk products is GHEE. Here, by this term Ghee we mean not the hydrogenated clarified butter but pure Ghee. Although it has very great fat content, yet it is an ideal cooking medium. This is a form of naturally saturated fat, which has a very conductive effect on the human system if taken in small quantity. This Ghee if taken with vegetable fats and proteins like pulse and grams is believed to be the ultimate tonic for human body. 


Milk & Ghee used as medicine to cure the following ailments: Acidity, Anemia, Anti-dote of poison, Anti-dots of drugs (Bhang etc.), Asthma, Bilious Irruption, Boils on the tongue and palate, Blood Impurity, Bleeding Dysentery, Burning sensation of eyes, Constipation, Chronic cough, Chronic fever, Chilblains of sole, Dark complexion, Dark freckles on the face, Diarrhea, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Gonorrhea, Gout, General Debility, Jaundice, Nose Bleeding, Natural sleep inducing tonic, Piles, Rashes due to Biliousness.


Ghee is prized because it increases Agni without simultaneously fueling Pitta. Ghee in fact is considered excellent for balancing Pitta. Kapha types generally need to avoid too much oil of any kind, but Ghee is the best for them, too. Ghee is used: as a cooking oil. Small amounts of Ghee are good for sauteing vegetables. Ghee does not work as well as butter in baking-breads and deserts need the moisture and milk solids in regular butter.  


How to make a GHEE?


Place 1 pound unsalted butter in a one-quart saucepan over low heat. Allow to melt completely, then raise heat to medium. When the butter starts to boil, giving off its water content, lower heat again and cook slowly for about 5-10 minutes. The ghee is done when all the moisture has cooked out and the milk solids at the bottom of the pan have turned light golden brown, and at same time there will be a nutty aroma, but careful with any hint of burning(over cooking). Remove pan from heat, let cool, then filter or pour it with strainer, throw out that impurity(brown or coffee color stuff), and then after pour into a clean glass jar or bowl. You don't need to keep GHEE in refrigerator, room temperature is fine.


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